Who We Are

The perfect place for your business

The company with its headquarters in Ghana was incorporated in 2010 as Classic Amodel Ghana Limited. CAGL has since grown to become a group of companies with Microfinance, Oilfields, Logistics, Security and IT as its subsidiaries.
Our Mission, Goal & Values


To provide reliable, innovative and cost effective services and solutions that will inure our customers delight.


To become the first-choice of shipping, freight, logistics, oilfields, finance, security and IT partner of our clients, by consistently adding value to their business and nurturing enduring relationships.
Our Core



We thrive on adaptability, embracing change to stay ahead in an ever-evolving landscape.

Cost Effectiveness

We are committed to maximizing value for our clients through cost-effective solutions without compromising quality.

Client Engagement

Our dedication to client engagement ensures tailored experiences and lasting partnerships built on trust and collaboration.


Together, we achieve more. Our culture of teamwork fosters innovation and success in every endeavor.

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Jerome Bell
Darrell Steward
Floyd Miles
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